An experienced, pvp-orientated nullsec corporation.

Windrammers is...


What we offer

▪ An organised friendly group of experienced players.

▪ Activity during USTZ, but with players from all over.

▪ Space to make and spend ISK in.

▪ Minimal tax, normally 0%, we're not looking to get rich off your work.

▪ PVP, small, medium and large fleets.

▪ A lot of experience doing a lot of cool things.


▪ At least 30m+ SP. Sorry alpha players!

▪ The ability to fly a covert ops and any racial cruiser to V with the appropriate tech 2 weapons.

▪ A dedicated alt you're willing to use during PVP (scouting, interdictors, logistics, etc). This can be literally anything and we can show you how to do this well.

▪ No character transfers on your main.

▪ Thick skin.

▪ Plenty of common sense.

As you can see, our requirements are tough, but fair - we're around 100m SP on average, but don't let that scare you off.

I'm interested, now what?

Come talk to us on Discord!